Tell Me Something True with Maia Toll
Tell Me Something True with Maia Toll
The Mischievous Relationship Between the Writer & the Writing

The Mischievous Relationship Between the Writer & the Writing

⏯ In conversation with Isabel Ibañez, Linda Sivertsen, & Adrienne Young

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Welcome to Unkempt Conversations, a place where authors and other interesting people gather to talk books, spirituality, life, and magic.

In this episode, I chat with the amazing Isabel Ibañez, Linda Sivertsen, and Adrienne Young. We discuss all things writing (including many insights into our own different writing styles!) as all three authors have recently published books about writing and the writing process.

At the end of the episode that chat turned to environmental stewardship and our role as authors. I’m thrilled to report that I followed up with my publishing house and learned that they have a company wide commitment to sustainable paper!

Let’s dig in!

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Let me introduce you to this episode’s guests!

Meet Linda Sivertsen

Linda Sivertsen, author, ghostwriter, and coauthor of eleven books (including two New York Times bestsellers), is the host of the top-rated Beautiful Writers Podcast and mentor to thousands of writers online and in-person at Her juicy wisdom, as well as that of the many beloved authors she has interviewed, is encapsulated in her newest book, Beautiful Writers.

“I own every writing book ever written, and Linda Sivertsen has done the near-impossible: given writing itself a personality . . . Her stories are cinematic, hilarious, heartfelt, and pitch-perfect—with energy and punch, so often lacking in nonfiction.” —Terry McMillan, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Meet Isabel Ibañez

Woven in Moonlight, Isabel Ibañez’s debut, was a finalist for the William C. Morris Award, and is listed amongst Time Magazine’s 100 Best Fantasy Books Of All Time. I tore through her newest novel, Together We Burn, in record time and am amongst her fans eagerly awaiting What the River Knows. Her non-fiction guide, The Storyteller’s Workbook written with Adrienne Young, is sure to become a classic. Find her at

"This beautifully written romantic fantasy features Spanish-speaking characters as well as a gripping, sexy, enemies-to-lovers romance with fierce, strong-headed protagonists who dance aroundand towardeach other. A terrific stand-alone fantasy." — Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Meet Adrienne Young

New York Times and USA Today, international bestselling author Adrienne Young is amongst the hardest working writers I know. I’ve lost track of the number of books she’s written (all of them sooooo goooood!) and am flabbergasted that she still has time to run writing retreats and mentor up-and-coming authors for Reese’s Book Club.

Treat yourself to Spells for Forgetting, then work your way through her catalogue! Her newest non-fiction, The Storyteller’s Workbook, was co-written with Isabel Ibañez is sure to become a staple. Find her at

“Lush with secrets, magic, and a past that won’t stay where it belongs, Spells for Forgetting is (quite fittingly) spellbinding.” — Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here

Show Notes:

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Tell Me Something True with Maia Toll
Tell Me Something True with Maia Toll
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